Nan Named One of Immigration’s Top 10 Heroes for 2012

The issue of immigration reform remains front and center in the national political debate, and already it has become a crucial part of this campaign season. Regrettably, however, candidates vying for positions of power in America have chosen to rely on baseless claims, hatred, and misinformation when discussing the role of immigration and immigrants to American society. At Immigrants’ List (IL), we know it is important to highlight those individuals who choose to stand firm in their belief that America is a nation that thrives on immigration. The American people want to fix our broken immigration system, and this year’s Annual Heroes agree with them.

Immigrants’ List, a bipartisan political action committee, just unveiled the inaugural members of its “Annual Heroes” list. These ten individuals — whose duties range from community organizer to United States Senator, and who come from both sides of the political aisle — have borne the standard of common sense on the issue of immigration reform. These men and women have embraced common sense solutions instead of obstructionism, compassion instead of hatred, and facts instead of misinformation. What makes these honorees stand out is their conviction to do what is right rather than what might be politically expedient.

The 2012 Immigrants’ List Annual Heroes come from across the country, and work to positively impact policies on immigration. We are grateful for their work and excited to honor their achievements.

State Senator Nan Orrock (D-GA) (Local Hero)
Georgia State Senator Nan Orrock got her start in politics by joining the 1963 March on Washington and working for SNCC. She carries that same passion into the civil rights causes of our day. Earlier this year, when Georgia proposed an immigration law modeled after SB 1070, Nan lead the opposition. Nan said that we need policies “based on the real world, not based on political rhetoric,” and that anti-immigration types “crafted a bill that insists on demonizing people of brown skin and with Spanish accents.” She knew that the anti-immigration proposal would hurt Georgia’s economy (she was right). Of course, since the copycat law was passed, Georgia farmers have been decimated, and are estimated to lose $250 million this year alone — that’s jobs lost, the economy hurt, and consumers paying more at the store. Nan Orrock stood up for Georgia’s working families by fighting against this anti-immigrant legislation.

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