Women State Legislators Tell Congress To ‘Shut Down The Shutdown’

WASHINGTON — Calling Congress “childish,” a group of 100 women state legislators asked lawmakers Monday to “shut down the shutdown.”

Members of the Women Legislators Lobby (WiLL), a nonpartisan network of state lawmakers that is part of Women’s Actions for New Directions (WAND), held a press conference to decry ongoing congressional gridlock over funding the federal government. The women were gathered for a conference in a hotel blocks from the U.S. Capitol. They planned to meet with members of Congress on Tuesday to press state issues, but are now worried an impending government shutdown will stop the meetings.

“Congress seems ready to shut the doors; we are here to say shut down the shutdown,” Georgia state Sen. Nan Orrock (D-Atlanta), the WiLL president, said during the press conference. “Halt this manufactured budget crisis. There will be economic ripples across the country.”

The group outlined a series of impacts it said the shutdown will have on specific states and across the country. The construction industry and public works projects were among the areas of concern. Colorado state Rep. Angela Williams (D-Denver) said her state is attempting to rebuild roads, bridges and other infrastructure damaged in the recent floods by a Dec. 1 deadline. A delay in federal funds to help finance the projects will set back the state’s recovery, she added, leaving a flood-impacted Colorado vulnerable to future natural disasters.

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